Sep 27, 2012 / 10 notes

Guys, I’m beyond happy right now..

John Bonham (American Opera) just invited me to sing with him at a MI show. 

For those of you who don’t know, this is a big freakin’ deal to me! John is one of my all time favorite musicians, and a huge inspiration for me! To be invited to sing with him.. Well, safe to say I had myself a freak out. 

Hopefully, it all falls together and actually happens, but either way, his inviting attitude and sweet words have made me so beyond happy. 

Musicians like John are one of the reasons I love Michigan music and have so much faith in the scene, not to mention one of the reasons I decided to try music for myself. 

God is good and I am blessed. 


PS- big thanks to Lola, who (as per usual) helped make this happen by doing what I am too much of a wimp to. Love you, sissy.

  1. sallysilently said: yay for beez, I hope it happens for ya!
  2. adoseofyourstruly said: That is so awesome, congratulations! I’m a friend of Lauren’s, by the way :)
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